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Hot Video: Stop The Noise! Bill Asamoah Appeals To The Media

The Actors Guild Chairman in Ashanti Region, Bill Asamoah over the weekend  made a passionate appeal to a section of the media whose job is to hover around radio stations especially in Kumasi to try to destroy the Ghana movie industry to stop.

Bill Asamoah made this humble appeal at the Zylofon Get-Together in Kumasi where industry players met to discuss and provide solutions to problems challenging the entertainment industry in Ghana.

Instead of wasting their time in destroying something they have built over the years when it wasn’t paying, they should rather tell the government to support the Film Industry  with the needed L.I since the past NDC government passed the  Film bill into law.  Bill said  “If you have anything tell the government not zylofon media not the people at home wanting to hear something positive. The little we have is what we are using to entertain you.”

The Ashanti Region’s Actors Guild Chairman said if they destroy the industry, these ‘so called’ entertainment pundits will also be jobless because there will be nothing to talk about since majority of theirs discussions  on their radios centers on the movies industry

Watch Full Video Of What Bill Asamoah Said Below:


Source : Kwamesays


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