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Yvonne Nelson Should Blame Kumasi Movie Directors – Film Director

Film director & media consultant, Mr. Isaac Rockson has told Kwamesays in an interview that the current predicament of the Ghana’s Film Industry is not only the fault of actors and actresses as Yvonne Nelson pointed  after 2017 Golden Movie Awards in July.

Although he shares the same opinion with Yvonne on some of the issues she raised like actors & actresses caring more about fashion on red carpets than working hard to resurrect the ‘dead’ industry. Yvonne Nelson was also surprised  why a novice like Mimi Andani “a reality star…turned musician… turned designer….turned event organizer!!!” is the brain behind the awards scheme.

However, Mr. Rockson thinks Yvonne should rather put majority of blame on the ‘pooley’ film directors in Kumasi shooting below-the-standard movies. He said “a good director should be able to bring out the best in his or her artiste on set but I have observed that only few film directors in Kumasi know what they are about. It is these ‘pooley moives that is bringing the industry down because the people are no more interested in the one way movies we are producing for them.”

Mr. Rockson said a lot of the directors in Kumasi don’t learn hence can not direct films very well.  He said it s about time we restricted film directors from shooting such garbage for people to buy. ” I am not surprised foreign content is dominating our TV screens because Ghanaians want good stuff not the ones we are giving them.”


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