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New Book Discusses Prevalence of Personality Disorder in Ghanaian Society Announced

London-based Ghanaian mental health and psychology lecturer, Jewel Garrison has announced publication of ‘Family or Foe’; a book discusses the commonness of personality disorder in Ghanaian society. This also a means to create awareness  about the lack of recognition and acknowledgement of mental illness in the Ghana.

“The book “Family or Foe: A Case of a Severe Personality Disorder” is also an excellent supplementary reading for students, particularly medical, psychology and mental health nursing students as well as Social Workers and people in the workplace front line having to engage and interact with all kinds of people for example, primary care workers,” Garrison says.

Garrison’s book is intended to demonstrate how to undertake full needs assessment including risks in mental health practice. It highlights the pertinent areas to focus on in order to arrive at a diagnosis by applying the relevant theories and literature. Garrison’s book offers personal emotional appeal and gives insight into the challenges of living with a person with severe personality disorder. In addition, the book outlines the dangers people with untreated mental illness present to the public domain and how this is compounded and exacerbated by the lack of pertinent and functional mental health service provision in Ghana.

The book is extremely well researched and probably the only book written by a seasoned community psychiatric practitioner with over forty years’ experience in the front line community / public domain, lecture halls and theatres, as well as in management, from a community perspective.

“I would want readers to be very aware of the dangers and risks they face in the public domain as well as the distress experienced by people with mental illness and to recognise and acknowledge mental illness and issues involving mental distress and to seek professional ways of addressing them,” Garrison says

Purchase the Book Here  >>   Family or Foe


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