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FIPAG Has No Vision – Mr. Rockson

The CEO of Origo 1 production, Mr. Isaac Rockson says the current crop of executives of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) lack vision and direction hence the decline in the movie production.

He told Nana Amoako on Ashh FM’s Ezone that if the backbone of the industry is weak how do you expect the industry to be strong? “FIPAG is suppose to lead the way for the others to follow but FIPAG as at now lacks sense of purpose and direction. They are clueless of what to do to resurrect this dead industry and since their election, the industry has not seen any meaningful change. He said this has contributed to the continuous fall in movie production.”

Mr. Rockson said people say he is loquacious but emphasized that if the industry players have implemented some of his ideas, the industry will not be in this current predicament. He said FIPAG has been quiet on below-budget movies normally called ‘pooley’ in the market and this is destroying the industry. The Film Director cum CEO asked FIPAG to restrict its members from producing such movies and also punish any member who defies this rule.

“It is only in Ghana where an executive producer tells you the director which actor or actress to cast for a movie.” He also asked directors who persuade executive producers to produce ‘pooley movies’ desist from such unprofessional act in the name of saving money at the expense of producing quality movie.

Mr. Rockson applauded the likes of PaulGee, Peace & Love for producing good movies and urged executive producers to work  with good film directors to produce good movies to improve the standards in the industry.



Source: Kwamesays


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