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Dear People,



On the early morning of Saturday 29th July 1989 Kwame Nkansah- Butah was delivered at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. I came into this world at exactly 12:05AM and since then it has been me and this Lady I call ‘Maa’
She calls me Kay and I respond with Maa but my Maa is different from the usual Maa most Ghanaians call their mothers. I know most of you do not joke with your mothers but for me she is my life with no disrespect to Mr. Alex Nkansah – Annor, my father and the backbone of the Nkansah Family.

The reason for this letter is simple, I am alive today because God gave me this unique woman I call Maa; Maame Akua Bema. She made sure my bucket of hot water was ready for bath every morning. She prepared my meal for school daily. As if these are not enough, she walks me and my siblings to the bus station to pick a bus to school and picks us back home.  This was her routine until we, I mean myself and my siblings could go to school on our own. She was not highly educated but made sure my education was her priority and I can read, write  and speak well because of this Lady I call Maa.

I remember when the doctor said I had a medical condition and could not live beyond a certain age, she told me Kay don’t worry as long as I live, I will make sure you are healed. It was not just a saying, from one hospital to another from one prayer camp to the other this Maa never gave up on me. She fasted and prayed to God for almost a decade till God answered her prayer. She was nearly knocked down by a car at Korle-Bu in her pursuit to get me food before I took my injections. Maame Bema made sure what the doctor said to me about 16 years ago was just a saying.  Maa made sure I had my medication for almost a decade and at times when I’m reluctant, she lovingly persuades me to take my medication.

How can I forget the stew(s) and soup(s) she prepared for me during my tertiary days at KNUST. Till date you still prepare me your delicious stew anytime I ask you! Aside the additional pocket money you gave me anytime daddy gives me money for school, Maa makes sure my spiritual Life is intact. She prays for me more than herself and I can’t ask for more.
Now I guess you know why I talk a lot more about my mom than any other person in my my life. My future wife has a lot to do to win my love over my mom’s.

Maa! what can I say on my 28th Birthday, I wish had enough money to buy you your dream car, licence it BEMA 1 and get you a driver to drive you anywhere. I wish I had a private Jet to fly you Maa to any part of the world you want to go but all I have now is this letter of words expressing my appreciation for what you have done for me. You are one of the reasons why I am working so hard. I wish I could ask God to let you stay forever to continue to do all these things for me.



Your son,




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