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Ebony Promotes ‘Sugar Daddy’ Movement with her new video ‘Sponsor’

The advocacy by feminists like Mrs. Samira Bawumia, Gifty Anti, Nana Oye Lithur and Gifty Oware about ladies using their brains to get whatever they need in life rather than using their bodies did not go down well with the dancehall artiste Ebony Reigns. Her new music video ‘Sponsor’ encourages young ladies to get a ‘sugar daddy’ aside their broke young boyfriends in other to survive.

The seductive dancehall artiste projected having a boyfriend and also selling your body to these ‘sugar daddies’ to get what you want as a norm. Ebony said in her song a boyfriend who can not buy you food when you are hungry is not a boyfriend hence look for a sponsor.

However, the spunky singer admitted that young boyfriends are good in bed because they have a lot of energy but the old men not. She also said the young ones can’t cater for her needs the reason why she got herself a sponsor. My question is can’t ladies also work to earn a living than urging innocent ladies to sleep with sugar daddies to survive as she said in her song?

Well, the fans of Bad Girls Movement’s leader will say it is just a song and has no negative implications on her fans but a lot of these young girls especially teenagers look up to these icons and take inspiration from their lifestyle and songs. Research shows teenagers are normally affected by things they hear or see and mostly want to practice these things.

What happened to teaching the child the right thing and when he/she or grows up he/she shall depart from it. In her defense, her fans may say the dancehall artiste is not supposed to teach her loving fans morals likewise she is also supposed to lead them astray.



Source: http://www.kwamesays.wordpress.com


One thought on “Ebony Promotes ‘Sugar Daddy’ Movement with her new video ‘Sponsor’

  1. In this time and age, people think whatever they want and say whatever they feel like saying without necessarily weighing the implications. If this write-up is accurate then I think the singer is doing her fans more damage than good. However young ladies who go by what the article portrays as dictated by the singer are simply visionless, lack purpose and Ultimately has no sense of Self-worth.

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